Reviewclub for business

The benefits of online reviews

Not only shoppers benefit from online reviews. Reviews are known for leading brands to a higher online conversion rate and improving your ranking in search results from Google or in store search engines.


Reviews also increase credibility, with consumers more likely to trust brands with online reviews than without. Lastly, reviewers provide you with incredible product feedback for your R&D department.

  • Higher conversion
  • Improved ranking in search results
  • Increased overall consumer trust
  • Valuable product feedback
Your product on Reviewclub

Reviewclub was founded by Stars and Stories, world wide specialist in authentic, online reviews. We are headquartered in The Netherlands, but our campaigns run the world. 


Reviewclub contains thousands of people who just love to test and try the latest products and share their opinion about it online. We select the best testers for you and activate them to review your product on the websites that matter most.


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  • Global community
  • Local language
  • Reviews on many websites
  • Care free ( we do all the work)